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Sisimiut City Guide and Local Directory

  • Web site

    You can search for shops, hotels, sights, cafés and even read some hiking guides at website

  • Place Categories

    You can specify which categories you want to see on the online map.

    Or you can use the online map to see all the places in Sisimiut City.

  • Place Description

    Each place have a short description, and it can have links to external sites or emails.

    Each place will have atleast one image showing the place.

  • Special for website

    The website have some hiking guides with maps.


  • website

Sisimiut City Guide App

This free city guide app is designed to help the tourists visiting Sisimiut.

This app will show you many location of the tourist attraction and a brief information about the place.
You can filter the places to ex. shops, and the map will only show the shops.

You can always see your own position on the map.

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