Greenland ptarmigan schnapps with Kim Sander Pedersen, Restaurant Mamartut in Ilulissat

Tracing the ptarmigan schnapps back to its roots with Kim Sander Pedersen from Restaurant Mamartut in Ilulissat.

It all starts with Greenland’s nature. Picking berries, herbs, mushrooms or even hunting ptarmigan. Take one or some of these elements, dry it, and infuse it in liquor for some time. Distill it and then let it rest again for a few more months. This slow process of creation allows the taste of Greenland’s nature to be infused in schnapps.


Schnapps is highly concentrated distilled liquor, also called bitters. Housewives and enthusiasts all over the country make schnapps, so be prepared to try some delicate flavours if you visit the home of a local for dinner.


Kim Sander Pedersen, the owner and chef of Mamartut in Ilulissat, is well-respected for his schnapps-making techniques. He has experimented using everything from Greenlandic herbs, crowberry, Labrador tea, mushrooms and Greenlandic flowers, but his signature flavor is ptarmigan schnapps.

It’s a painstakingly slow process to make schnapps, and the taste is peppered by whatever is available from nature.

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