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Throughout October, we revealed our brand new series of videos about travelling in Greenland.
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New video series:
The Insider’s Guide

Throughout October, we revealed our brand new series of videos about travelling in Greenland. Greenland | The Insider’s Guide exposes 5 travel hacks that are unique to Greenland, giving you practical, realistic and entertaining information about what to expect when you visit us.

You’ll learn how to make the best of your trip to Greenland from the perspective of a local: from preparing for flight delays, domestic travel and dogsledding, to those everyday practicalities like grocery shopping, and even how to embrace the transformational nature of our enchanting country. This video series is brand new and focused on giving you, the traveller, real, relevant, inside information on some of the most complicated aspects of travelling in Greenland.


Episode #5

Reset yourself in Greenland

Greenland is often cited as a place that changes people. And this is not an experience that is exclusive to tourists – our very own local guide, Ujarneq, recently felt transformed by a trip to Uummannaq, North Greenland. In the fifth and final episode of The Insider’s Guide,

Ujarneq shares his journey, and reflects on the power of Greenland to change perspectives. This video prepares you to embrace the more intangible aspects of travelling in Greenland and to completely make the most of your experience.

Other Episodes

Episode #4  Souvenirs & Supermarkets in Greenland

Ujarneq is back with a topic a bit more pedestrian than last week but just as important! From the exotic thrill of dogsledding in Episode 3 to Episode 4: Souvenirs and Supermarkets. In an extremely isolated location like Greenland, grocery shopping is far from an everyday experience, and there are certain things you need to know about shopping here, before you leave home. You’ll also learn about all the unusual souvenirs you can buy and how to get them home legally.

Episode #3  Dogsledding in Greenland

Many of you who are dreaming of a holiday to Greenland are also imagining the thrill of gliding across an endless icy landscape propelled only by the paws of local husky dogs. Dogsledding is a once in a lifetime experience, but it can be challenging (even for the passenger!) and is not always glamorous. In episode 3 of The Insider’s Guide, Ujarneq takes on the Greenlandic winter at full throttle, to bring you all the inside information on how to prepare yourself for dogsledding.

Episode #2  Getting around in Greenland

One of the most attractive things about Greenland as a destination is its isolation and inaccessibility. This is a quality that applies not just to the country as a whole but to each individual town, as there are no roads connecting towns, cities and settlements. This can be a daunting revelation for tourists in Greenland, but it doesn’t have to be! Episode 2 of The Insider’s Guide takes the mystery out of getting around Greenland, and shows you exactly how to take advantage of Greenland’s natural highways: the sea and the air.

Episode #1  Expect the unexpected

The Arctic is a powerful place, and its weather is consistently unpredictable. This means that it is common to experience flight delays and cancellations when travelling around Greenland. The first episode of The Insider’s Guide is all about how to embrace the unpredictability of travelling in Greenland. Find out how to stay informed, and how to make the best of any waiting time you may have. Learning how to go with the flow and expect the unexpected is an integral part of experiencing true Greenland.

About the host

Ujarneq Fleischer

Sisimiut-born Ujarneq Fleischer is a known face in Greenland as he has been part of the cultural scene for a decade, as a filmmaker and as an actor. He has had several roles from movies and plays to his name, and continues to do projects within the entertainment business inside and outside of Greenland.

Ujarneq lives in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, and he likes to play music, to paint, do fitness and badminton in his spare time.

Take an insider’s journey through Greenland with Ujarneq as your guide!