Hiking routes in North Greenland with views of icebergs

In this area you'll find both historical walks and hikes with views of glaciers and icebergs.


Ilulissat‘s majestic icebergs form the backdrop for the ancient Sermermiut settlement. 1 mile (1½ km) south of the town.

For 4,000 years several different Inuit cultures have lived in this settlement; even today there are remains everywhere that bear witness to their presence.

Learn about the Greenlandic people’s lives and customs before the arrival of the Europeans—see the ruins, kitchen middens and feel the permafrost with your own hands.
On this brief hike, we turn around at the Kællingekløften viewpoint.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Season: All year
  • Level of difficulty: Easy
Hiking in North Greenland with a view of icebergs, icefjords and glaciers a snug arctic summer day.
That's an exceptional experience.

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