Urban gardening – how to make Greenland green

No soil surplus for gardening? No problem! Read how resourceful Greenlanders make it work with seaweed and brewer’s malt to boost their crops.


The Arctic diet in Greenland is chock full of lean proteins from land and sea, omega-3 rich fish straight from the fjords, and a light peppering of foraged seasonal treats like juicy crowberries and acidic mountain sorrel.

In a place called Greenland, naturally-sourced edible green things ironically play a supporting role on the menu card. Angelica stalks to flavor water, a sprinkling of sea foam green seaweed powder and small-batch lettuces shipped from the southernmost tip of the island push the envelope in most of the towns.

“I think it’s magic that one can plant a handful of cress seeds in a pot and voila - two days later there’s a small forest of delicious cress ready to use for cooking! Anybody can grow cress - you don’t have to have a green thumb!” - Greenlandic Foodlover, Anne Nivíka Grødem

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