Hiking routes in Capital Region, Greenland

In the area around Nuuk you'll find both easy and difficult hiking trails, for example, you can enjoy the view from 2,532-foot-tall "Big Malene".


A varied route and beautiful vistas are the key features of this hike around Little Malene.

It is pretty simple: As long as you have Little Malene on your right all the way around, you will never get lost.

Start at Aanaap Illua (The Grandma Association’s small peat house) in the middle of the plain out toward the airport (right before the big curve). From Aanaap Illua, continue on one of the trails that go all the way around Little Malene.

  • Duration: 4–6 hours
  • Season: June–September
  • Level of difficulty: Easy/Medium
Nuuk is the smallest capital in the world with a lot of oudoor possibilities.

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