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Nuuk Marathon

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The Nuuk Marathon was held for the first time on August 19, 1990. The story begins with the founding of the Running Club, NAAPE. Nuummi Aqqusinikkut Arpattartut Peqatigiiffiat (Nuuk Road Runners Club). It was the year after an unofficial marathon race was held, with a new race record in Greenland in collaboration with Carsten Jensen, Nuuk Sport. Kim Godtfredsen won the race in the time 2.48.48 hours, among others. Isaac Heilmann and Ludvig Sethsen participated in a 2.5 km roundabout in the city center.

The marathon race changed its name in 2003 from Nuuk Marathon to Arctic Marathon. In the anniversary year 2005, the traditional and national marathon race has returned to its original name, NUUK MARATHON. And for the first time, NUUK MARATHON has got a main sponsor. And that’s Brugsen, Kalaallit Nunaanni Brugseni.

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