Nature, dog sledding, and cultural exploration await you in this iceberg paradise.


Every town has a claim to fame, and in Ilulissat it is the icebergs, without a doubt. But you need more than a few helping hands to count all the reasons why Ilulissat is more than just icebergs. Nature lovers will be drawn to hiking in the hills by the call of the wilderness. We dare you to try to find a camping spot that doesn’t impress. In town and in nearby villages, city museums and local cuisine will whet even the most discerning palates.


In Ilulissat, not one moment passes that you forget your proximity to the dynamic sculpture gallery of icebergs just outside town. Even when you close your eyes, the icebergs’ soundtrack of cracking and rumbling echoes from one end of Ilulissat to the other.

There is no wrong way to experience icebergs, but just as one needs two eyes for accurate perception, you need multiple adventures to understand the icebergs in Ilulissat. It is only after you have marveled at their chiseled shapes from the air, felt tiny while sailing past them on boat tours, and smelled their sweet scent while hiking along the UNESCO World Heritage Site that you can grasp the full character of Ilulissat’s icebergs.


Winter in Ilulissat means dog sledding – a favorite amongst all residents, human and canine. When the mercury rises too high, locals often make jokes by sniffling and sneezing as though they are sick. Ask them what ails them, and they will cheekily respond that they are allergic to summer! Just as the sled dogs are pulling at the chains at the first whiff of snow, the mushers also greatly anticipate the start of dog sledding season.

The sled dogs energize the whole space, and you get a jolt of power as you sit on the sled for your personal Iditarod adventure. Sled dogs are just happy to run, and they pay no attention to whether their precious cargo is eager tourist or a stack of Greenlandic halibut. Centuries of pacing over thick sea ice and powdery terrain course through their blood so just hold on tight and let them carry you like they were born to do.

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