The wide sky overhead is the only timetable you need for discovering this haven for Inuit culture, bespoke fjord adventures and proud locals.


Myth has it that when you visit Uummannaq a piece of your heart remains on the island forever, summoning you back for the rest of your days. Some say it is the magic of the namesake mountain while others swear it is the chorus of children’s laughter down at the harbor. Whatever the force is, Uummannaq will capture your heart nearly immediately.

Uummannaq occupies a small footprint, but it redeems itself with big nature and true Greenlandic character. With just a dash of pioneering spirit and an open mind, you will find plenty of opportunities to learn about Inuit culture and to experience the vast landscape with all five senses.


Greenlanders are the key element to any town’s character, and in Uummannaq, it is often the tiniest people who steal the show. It is a real treat to be serenaded by an ensemble of young musicians as you come on land from a cruise ship, and this symphony of small voices, often joined by sled dogs, simply cannot be found elsewhere.

All through Uummannaq’s streets you can feel the beat of the town as people walk from the shop with groceries in tow, stopping often to chat with friends along the way. On sunny summer days, women sell handmade goods down at the harbor while behind them, men come and go on fishing boats heavy with the day’s catch on board.

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