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The Ilulissat Cultural History Museum is a local history museum located in Ilulissat, North Greenland.

The Ilulissat Cultural History Museum is situated in the former seminary for catechists called ‘Ajoqersuivissuaq’, meaning ‘A place to be taught’ that was in use from 1846 to 1907 (Although closed 1875-1900).

Due to the lack of students, the house served often only as the priest’s home and as an office and school.

The museum holds a variety of permanent exhibitions about the UNESCO site Sermermiut, the development of Ilulissat, traditional clothing and the cultural history of the Disko Bay area. It also pays tribute to important polar explorers from Ilulissat. A kayak exhibition in the second floor is based on over 100 Greenlandic words connected to the design and use of the kayak and its tools. You find also a room with traditional toys.


We speak Greenlandic, English, Danish, Czech, German, Slovak, Swedish, and Norwegian.

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Ilulissani Katersugaasivik PO. Box 99
3952 Ilulissat


+299 38 77 72

Experiences offered at Ilulissat Cultural History Museum

Some people say, that the windows from the first floor offer the most exciting view over the Disko Bay.

The museum’s surroundings are also used as an Open Air Museum with a variety of traditional Greenlandic means of transport as well as a traditional peat house.

Specialized tours, e.g. about hunting traditions, skin clothing or live in a peat house can be booked.

The museum has a fine museum shop with a wide selection of carefully selected and handcrafted products in stone, pearl, sealskin and bone made by local artisans.

The opening hours differ between summer and winter season and are regularly updated on the museum’s Facebook page.

One ticket – two museums: a ticket to the Ilulissat Cultural History Museum gives you also access to Ilulissat Art Museum.