Air Iceland Connect is a dynamic company with the goal of creating a flexible yet powerful airline servicing the North Atlantic countries.

Air Iceland connect plays an important role in connecting Iceland with our neighbours with flights to five destinations in Greenland. Air Iceland Connect your North Atlantic Airline

Remarkable Greenland

Air Iceland Connect offers flights to five destinations in Greenland. All year round we fly to Nuuk on the west coast and to Kulusuk on the east coast of Greenland also to Constable Point where flights are operated by Norlandair.

During summer time and dog sledding season we fly to Ilulissat on the west coast and during summer we offer flights to Narsarsuaq in south Greenland.


Air Iceland Connect Logo

Reykjavik Airport
101 Reykjavik

Phone: (+354) 570 3030



Air Iceland Connect can cater to transporting entire groups, freight or indeed help customers efficiently solve any task that requires air transport. Our aircrafts are available in various sizes to meet passengers from 37 – 50 seats.

Day Tours With Air Iceland Connect – More Than Just Flights

There is also the option of day tours to Greenland from Reykjavik, namely Kulusuk on Greenland’s beautiful East Coast. A day tour in Greenland will most certainly fascinate you and give you a taste of Greenland.

Kulusuk is only a 100 minutes flight from Reykjavik.