DiskoBay Adventures is a tourism business in Ilulissat, one of the most visited city in Greenland.

Our services are unique, the guides are local and we provide activities all year around.

Our mission is to show our city Ilulissat from the best side with local knowledge.

Core values:

  • Safety first
  • We live with integrity
  • Respect, open-mindedness and cultural exchange
  • Take care of our nature
  • We embrace and drive change


DiskoBay Adventures LOGO

Postbox 220
3952 Ilulissat

Phone: +299 58 79 40
E-mail: tours@diskobay-adventures.com


DiskoBay Adventures provides following experiences:

Walking and hiking in different levels:

  • Ilulissat citywalk
  • Walk to Sermermiut and hear about the ancestors to Ilulissat citizens
  • 3 days’ adventure hike from Ilimanaq to the area. Experience the untouched nature and use your all 5 senses to feel Greenland.

Winter activities:

  • Winter hiking:

Take a winter hike in the UNESCO Worlds Heritage area near Ilulissat icefjord.

Experience the harsh Greenlandic winter by walking on the popular blue trail, through a wonderful and hard terrain.

  • Northern light safari:

See the natural light show near Ilulissat city. We find a good and dark place and just look up to see the northern light, Aurora Borealis and the stars. Hear the old Inuit myth and stories about the northern light. The local guide will tell about the theory about the dancing light show.

  • Stay overnight in an Igloo:

Try and stay overnight at a igloo and feel, touch and smell our beautiful nature. Be an arctic adventurer and sleep overnight like the old Inuit.

Activities at sea:

  • Evening sightseeing among icebergs:

Enjoy the evening sun among icebergs, from 21st of May to 24th August you can experience the midnight sun. You have the opportunity to see the sun in the late evening and having a sensation of the midnight sun. See the giant icebergs which comes out from Ilulissat Icefjord

  • Iceberg and whale safari:

We start with iceberg sightseeing and take a whale safari afterwards. If we are lucky we can experience both at the same time. There are many species of whales in Greenland