North Safari Outfitters is a hunting and fishing tour provider based at the Kangerlussuaq Airport.

North Safari Outfitters is a Greenlandic APS company owned and managed by Outfitters in Kangerlussuaq in West Greenland.
We are specialists in musk ox hunting, fjord fishing and caribou hunting. We are located in Kangerlussuaq in Western Greenland close to the magnificent Ice Cap.

We work professionally with outdoor adventures in Greenland with focus on the client’s needs and wishes. Close dialog with the client before arrival are essential for us.

Our equipment is of high standards and safety is our top priority.
All our guides have years of experience as well as they are trained in wildlife management and obtain a CPR. We are approved by the Government of Greenland as ”Trophy Hunt Organizer” and all our guides are registered.

We work in close contact with the authorities and are updated with the latest regulations. It’s important to our Company that hunting and fishing is done sustainable and with high ethical standard.



Box 152
3910 Kangerlussuaq

Phone: +299 29 92 14 / +45 23 72 90 89


Musk ox and caribou hunting

All our camps are equipped with comfortable sleeping tents and kitchen tent, with stove and field beds. We can proudly announce close to 100% success on all our hunts the last 10 years, please contact us for list of reference. We use ATV, snowmobile and powerboats as transportation. In summer and fall we trek on foot the last part of the hunt and the hunter must be in good physical condition.

Our hunting area obtain the strongest trophies in Greenland and every year our clients shoot SCI gold medals.

Fishing Expedition

North Safari Outfitters offers fishing expedition in our legendary MOPA expedition power boats. From MOPA expedition power boat we will explore the deep fjords of Western Greenland, and fish in waters that very few people have ever fished in. We will fish for cod, halibut, catfish and arctic char. Our fishing expedition is perfect for the adventure fishermen who wants a fishing expedition in the arctic.