Shop Nuunu

Shop Nuunu is a café and gift shop that sells Greenlandic crafts, art and souvenirs. All crafts and art are made locally by men and women, young and old.

The materials used by the craftsmen and the artists are shot and captured by the artisans themselves in the wild around Paamiut, and the animals that they lay down are never wasted as they themselves eat the meat and process skins, bones and antlers for the work of art they make.

Pearl necklaces and other pearl jewelry are also sold here, and the jewelry is made by women from the city. Beading is an ancient Greenlandic tradition that has been modernized and is thus also used for decorating objects in the modern home.

We also sell coffee, tea, water and cake.

The shop has free Wi-Fi that our guests may use.

We at Shop Nuunu welcome all tourists to Paamiut, and hope you have a lovely stay in our beautiful city.


SHOP Nuunu

Angaartaap Aqqutaa
B 711

3940 Paamiut

Phone: +299 23 24 66