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About the video

Future of travel in Greenland: flattening the curve of the coronavirus

Originally created as a country presentation for Vestnorden 2020, this video was made to show the Greenland tourism industry’s resilience when the world shut down.

A local staycation campaign, Nunarput Nuan, was launched and embraced by its residents. We also wanted to be positive and show that good things can come out of difficult times.

For Greenland, new products emerged and were tried and tested by the locals. When the world opens again, we look forward to inviting you to sheep farms,  stand-up paddling in icefjords, and great hikes to basalt columns and black beaches! 100% tried and tested by locals!

Honoree Award!

More good news! Visit Greenland’s landing page, ‘Dive Deeper into Greenland’ also received an Honorary Mention by the Webby jury!

COVID-19 in Greenland

Greenland has very few cases of COVID-19 to date. This is because the government of Greenland has had a strict entry strategy.

Last updated: 4 May 2021


Active cases


Total cases


Tests conducted




Total deaths

Visit Greenland launched Nunarput Nuan, our local staycation campaign. This campaign encouraged locals to explore their own country. The framework for the tourism restart campaign was inspired by DTTT (as a part of Tourism Impact Hub).