East Greenland is an isolated yet very special place. The language is different and the culture is deeply rooted in myths and legends, which is expressed in their much-coveted handicrafts.

Destination East Greenland is just a short flight from Iceland but its culture and landscapes are a world away. In a land dominated by the Ice Cap and impossibly steep mountain ranges, 3,500 people have made their home.

East Greenlandic culture is deeply rooted in myths and legends, often expressed in bone and rock carvings, but at the same time it is a globally connected culture with strong hunting roots and an everyday spirit of adventure.

Ice fiords, hiking, heliskiing, small settlements, northern lights, and boat rides combine to make East Greenland a year round destination, and the main town Tasiilaq also acts as the gateway for adventurers on longer climbing, kayaking, Ice Cap, and mountaineering expeditions in the rugged backcountry.