Destination Arctic Circle

Rough. Real. Remote. Destination Arctic Circle is the land of adventure. The combination of raw nature and cultural traditions brings you to the heart of modern Greenland.

Destination Arctic Circle is home to Greenland’s only road to the Ice Cap, a dog sledding route linking the country’s second largest town Sisimiut to the international airport in Kangerlussuaq, the world’s toughest ski race Arctic Circle Race, unspoiled river angling in remote mountain valleys, and top notch heliskiing around the Eternity Fjord, to name but a few.

Adventure is at the core of the journey in Destination Arctic Circle and the region’s diversity of experiences brings you right to the heart of modern Greenland.

Dog sledding, skiing, hiking, hunting, fishing, and kayaking are activities deeply embedded in the region’s human history. They form the back bone of many of the greatest adventures in Destination Arctic Circle.