Lars founded ARCTIC DREAM with a clear vision — he wants to bring you into the authentic and mythical scenery of East Greenland and offer you a life-altering experience never to be forgotten.

You will taste the local cuisine, become a part of the culture, and you will be amazed by the — as he himself puts it — breathtaking five star nature encompassing Ammassalik.

Furthermore, Lars has a dream of creating as many local jobs as possible in the community. He does so — on the one hand — through his training programme for young locals in which they learn to safely navigate his luggage boats, and — on the other hand — by making sure locals are continuously educated.


We speak English and Danish.

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3913 Tasiilaq


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Do as Greenlanders have done for centuries: Head out to sea and feel the power and forces of Mother Nature.

Heading out into Greenlandic waters is a unique experience in both summer and winter.

Along with travelling by dogsled, sailing has always been essential for the people of Greenland, who have survived for centuries thanks to hunting and fishing. In the waters near Tasiilaq a boat trip can take you to the beautiful icebergs and ice floes.

There are numerous trips to choose from. If you like hunting and fishing, deep-sea fishing is a great possibility.

Arctic Dream has extensive experience and contact with a number of professional hunters who can spot good locations. There are plenty of options at sea – and the choice is yours.


From mid August to April there are Northern Lights around Tasiilaq.

No two icebergs are alike. They are unique works of art created by nature’s hand. Enjoy them from the land, from the air and from the water.

Regardless of which trip you choose on the water, you’ll always get close to the fascinating icebergs. Sometimes the icebergs are shaped as huge gateways that invite you to sail through them, whilst at other times they resemble ice sculptures and fabulous creatures.

The enormous ice-cold structures are fascinating as they tower above the boat in all their majesty and in colours and shapes that are never the same.

The skipper knows exactly how close you can get without risking your personal safety. Every now and again he shuts off the engine so that only the creaking and rumbling of the ice breaks the silence.


Look up and see the under surface of the frozen ice. Imagine yourself swimming under water in an East Greenlandic world of fish and icebergs.

In Tasiilaq, professional divers offer you the chance to see East Greenland from a totally different angle. Security is highly prioritised because diving among icebergs in the freezing water is, besides being a fantastic experience, risky business.