Arctic Wonderland Tours was established in 1973 and is one of Greenland’s most experienced tour operators. The company runs hotels in Tasiilaq and Kulusuk, tour services and P-certified boats.

Dogsledding in Kulusuk or Tasiilaq

Experience the classic Greenlandic mode of transport – the dogsled! It’s the means of transport the old Inuit employed to get from A to B, and it’s still a popular and safe mode of transport.

Explore the magical snow-clad landscape, head up steep inclines and through difficult terrain which your four-legged furry friends are trained to be able to navigate in.

It may look easier than it is in reality as the driver’s position on the wooden sled has a great influence on speed and mobility.

As an example, Arctic Wonderland Tours has trips to the Apusiajik glacier, which means ‘small glacier’, and full-day trips in the Kulusuk area. The trips start from where you’re staying and include various stops en route.


Snowmobile trip in Kulusuk or Tasiilaq

Steep inclines and hilly snow-clad landscapes require alternative methods, and in this case the snowmobile provides the ultimate expression of freedom! The difficult terrain and dramatic and hilly landscapes are part of the entertainment and make your ride on a snowmobile even more fun.

With Arctic Wonderland Tours you get a proper introduction to the vehicle and a guide will accompany you on your trip. You head out through a fantastically varied winter landscape to the small settlement of Tiniteqilaaq at Sermilik fjord. The guide knows the area and the “rules of the road” should you meet a dogsled.

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Hiking in Kulusuk or Tasiilaq
Skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. Put on the correct boots depending on the season. The routes are numerous and varied. Arctic Wonderland Tours has good knowledge of the area.

  • in Kulusuk
    East Greenland’s countryside invites you to experience magnificent hiking adventures in unspoilt landscape. Go on a hike in the Kulusuk region.Start with a short guided tour of the small settlement of Kulusuk and greet people and animals. You’ll see hunters and fishermen gutting their fish and cleaning animal skins in the small service building.Follow the good advice from Arctic Wonderland Tours, which has a thorough knowledge of the area. Kulusuk is an island and a settlement, and you can go on short, relaxing walks lasting a couple of hours or considerably more rigorous hikes in the fells and on mountainsides.
  • in Tasiilaq
    The area near Tasiilaq is ideal hiking country. Blomsterdalen in the vicinity of Arctic Wonderland Tours’ hotel in Tasiilaq is a delightful destination – a beautiful and lush valley with a luxurious and varied range of small yet breathtakingly beautiful Arctic flowers. Experiencing this type of fauna in the landscape at such northerly latitudes is really something else.The route to the valley follows a narrow path, but it isn’t a demanding route and there’s plenty of time to stop and enjoy the surroundings. The hike lasts around 1-2 hours.

Souvenir shopping in Tasiilaq
East Greenland is known for its beautiful handicrafts. At Arctic Wonderland Tours you can easily satisfy your need for souvenirs. The range of products on the company’s website provides just a taste of what the shop has in stock.

In the shop that’s adjacent to the hotel building you can buy small tupilaks, which in former times were used to invoke both good and evil spirits. There are also fur products, cups, T-shirts, jackets and sweaters, as well as jewellery, maps and much more besides.

The vast majority of products are produced with respect for authentic craftsmanship. This means that natural products from the surrounding area have been used.

Boat trips in Kulusuk or Tasiilaq
Arctic Wonderland Tours has a range of different boat trips, and there’s bound to be one that suits you. For example, go on a trip on the local fjord and get close to the Apusiaajik glacier from Kulusuk.

  • in Kulusuk
    If you love unique scenery then a boat trip in the local waters really is a must. Get up close to some of Greenland’s unforgettable glaciers, including a trip to the Apusiaajik Glacier, where you sail amongst icebergs and ice floes.Experience the great open spaces, the fells and icebergs that can reach the same height as a 15-storey building! There are good chances of meeting whales on all trips.Arctic Wonderland Tours has an extensive range of trips. Contact the company and hear about what fits with your plans.
  • in Tasiilaq
    If you love unique scenery, then a boat trip in the local waters is a must. Go on an ‘Iceberg cruise’ to the field ice or a boat trip to the small abandoned settlement at Sermilik fjord. Other possibilities include trips where you get out close to some of East Greenland’s unforgettable glaciers, including a trip to the Apusiaajik Glacier, where you’ll be sailing between icebergs and ice floes.Experience open spaces, fells and icebergs that can be as high as a 15-storey building. On all trips there are good chances of meeting whales. Arctic Wonderland Tours has a large number of boat trips. Contact the company and find out what fits into your programme.

Ice Sheet experience in Tasiilaq
Experience the Ice Sheet from many different angles. The trip starts by heading up over the island of Ammassalik with a view of mountains, glaciers and fjords.

On hikes, on skis, on dogsleds and on snowmobiles you can get close to and up onto the Ice Sheet. You can also experience the gigantic ice cap, which covers some 85 % of Greenland, from the air with Arctic Wonderland Tours.

Although the ice appears to be hard and unyielding, the silence will be regularly broken by the rumbling and creaking of the ice that reveal its dynamic nature.

Tourist flights in Tasiilaq
Arctic Wonderland Tours takes you up over the island of Ammassalik with a view of mountains, glaciers and fjords.

Get airborne and experience Tasiilaq and East Greenland’s characteristic fells with their rugged peaks. The flight takes in the island of Ammassalik with views of mountains, glaciers and fjords. At a height of 1,000 metres is the Mitivagkat glacier, which is part of the original Greenlandic Ice Sheet.

The views on all sides are unique and Sermilik fjord will almost certainly provide pause for reflection and plenty of material for your photo album.