The refurbished seamen’s home in Aasiaat has 46 rooms. 10 of these are brand new and are in a new extension. 11 further rooms have been completely renovated.

The rooms at the seaman’s home come in three different categories. The Standard Plus rooms are worth mentioning because they are large, offer all the mod cons as well as wonderful views of the icebergs. If you are lucky, you might also see some whales.

The new extension has a large conference room with a private terrace area and spectacular views to boot.

Whether you are staying in Aasiaat on holiday, on business or just stopping over on transit, the seaman’s home is the ideal place to stay. The seaman’s home is in a quiet setting and is right by the water.



Sammiarneq 9
3950 Aasiaat

Phone: (+299) 89 27 11


Experience the sled dogs’ strength at first hand, while surrounded by the beautiful winter wonderland of Aasiaat.
Hotel Sømandshjemmet offers two* different dog sled trips. Both trips include cake, coffee/tea and transfer to the area, where the trip begins.

 A beautiful trip around the island of Aasiaat with a view over the Disco Bay and Disco Island. The trip lasts around 1 hour.

TRIP 2: 
After sled driving on the island of Aasiaat, the trip continues on the frozen strait to the “warm spring”, where it is possible to drink the pure natural water. The trip lasts about 2 hours.

*Other trips, for instance over-night-stays, can be arranged.


Let the adrenaline pump and your excitement rise as you gradually twist the throttle and the snow mobile comes to life. Experience how the snow mobile lets you cross the hilly terrain easily and how cutting the engine for a second releases a unique silence.

Hotel Sømandshjemmet arranges individual snowmobiling trips with local guides. We do our best to fulfil your wishes, whether you have a need for speed or you want a more placid trip with great views.

It is possible to drive to one of the small neighbouring settlements, to the “warm spring” or to drive around the island of Aasiaat.

Every trip includes cake and coffee/tea.


A hole in the ice, a fishing line and a bit of patience. With these three ingredients and a local guide you are well on the way to catch your own fish. Try your luck with ice fishing – the method fishermen in Greenland still use to catch fish when the sea is frozen.

After receiving fishing gear in Hotel Sømandshjemmet, a local fisherman guides you to the frozen sea, where you dig a hole in the ice together. Experience the silence, the raw nature and the sweet feeling of victory when you catch a fish.

The trip includes cake and coffee/tea, and lasts 2-3 hours.


During summer especially a large number of humpback- and minke whales gambol just outside Aasiaat. Hotel Sømandshjemmet offers three different whale watching trips, which all give you the opportunity to come really close to the fascinating and majestic animals. 
All trips include cake and coffee/tea.

Go whale watching with a local boat driver – your whale spotting guarantee.

An extension of trip 1 with time to fish and the opportunity to see the whale graveyard. The amount of whale bones is a unique sight, and the Diskobay is full of big codfishes to catch.

An extension of trip 2 where you visit the “warm spring”. Taste the pure natural water, while enjoying the vigorous surroundings.


In Hotel Sømandshjemmet Aasiaat you find a wide and varied selection of souvenirs, ranging from beautiful postcards and lovely warm seal fur mittens to local craft artists’ unique and handmade jewellery and figures made of fur, reindeer antler, musk ox, whale and walrus tooth.

Come on in, have a look and take time to admire the local craft artists’ creativity and skills. We gladly help you to choose the right souvenir to remember your stay in Aasiaat.