Inuk Hostels is located a stone’s throw from the sea with a magnificent view of the Nuuk fjord, and within a reasonable walking distance to downtown Nuuk.

The hostel consists of four cottages and a large common Café Inuk – ideal for hosting meetings, conferences, and other major events.



Qernertunnguit Kangerluat
3900 Nuuk

Phone: +299 52 21 28


Inuit culture

For millennia, great stories have been handed down from one generation to the next. Inuk Hostels organizes storytelling events indoors, as well as outdoors in the midst of nature.

Get a real feel for daily life, and let the guides tell you about life, as it was back in the old days. Learn about the heroic deeds and accomplishments of the Inuit of past ages.

Old legends and myths are still kept alive and passed down from one generation to the next. Ask about the moral of the stories, as they may even now, teach you something about life.

If the weather is bad, the storytelling event is moved to the hostel’s café, Café Inuk. Complimentary coffee and tea will be served during the event.

Guided sightseeing

Learn about the Greenlandic techniques of preserving fish and game that were in use before freezers became a commonplace item.

Join a tour visiting the historical sites on the rocky hillsides, used by generations, to securely store food under and among the rocks, areas that were still in use until the 1060s.

The tour starts at the hotel and lasts for two hours. These storage areas were always close to the settlements. It was important that the area used was dry at all times and beyond the reach of wildlife, birds, and mammals.

The guide will explain in detail about the old Greenlandic techniques for storing foods and will then offer you samples of dried fish and meat for you to taste.

Close to the population

In Nuuk, modern life reigns. With the assistance of Inuk Hostels, you will be able to come into contact with local people and learn about life here, present and past.

Inuk Hostels knows all the great spots and the stories connected to these areas.

Get a glimpse of how people live life in the capital. Inuit Hostels is happy to invite you to a traditional kaffemik (open house event serving coffee, cakes, and cookies) and talk about what daily life is like now and what it was like before in earlier times, and about the struggles and challenges life brought, and brings.

Make a trip to the open meat market to get a view of the catch of the day.

Greenlandic gastronomy

Experience how food is grilled and cooked outdoors on heated stones. Inuk Hostels invites you to taste local foods such as capelin, Arctic char, seal meat and reindeer meat.

Explore the local gastronomy accompanied by the stunning view just outside Inuk Hostel. In a local, traditional manner food is prepared, grilled and cooked on heated stones outside.

Food consists of such items as capelin, Arctic char, seal meat or reindeer meat, which are all prepared as tasty tidbits. Learn more about the Greenlandic ingredients and about the significance that certain plants play in food preparation.

Enjoy the magnificent view the Hostel has towards the city landmark, the island with the beautiful mountain and the vast fiord system – the Godthåbs Fiord – home to several glaciers at the bottom of the fiord system.