Tasiilaq Tours

A local company offering accommodation, various tours, wellness, and camping.

Tasiilaq Tours is a local company offering various tours and experiences such as dog sledding, northern lights, snowmobiling, sailing, whale and iceberg safaris, sauna experiences, package tours, and much more.

Tasiilaq Tours also offers accommodation in private houses or on camping spots in Tasiilaq.

As a small local company, we’re able to be flexible and with the local knowledge, we’re able to help you with most things.

Additionally, we have been working with TV productions and researchers in regard to logistic support, etc. on multiple occasions.

For more information please go to tasiilaqtours.com or contact us at info@tasiilaqtours.com.


Tasiilaq tours

Akitterni B-1554, Postbox 83
3913 Tasiilaq

Phone: +299 25 23 02
E-mail: info@tasiilaqtours.com