Our trophy hunting business is hunting in the area around Kangerlussuaq in Greenland, just 4,5 hours flight from Copenhagen.

Outfitter Erik Lomholt-Bek has been hunting here for more than 35 years, and started Trophy Hunting Greenland back in 2014. He is now one of the 5 biggest providers of trophy hunting in Greenland.

We arrange winter hunts from 1st of March to the 10th of April, and summer/autumn hunting from 1st of July to the end of October.

We have hunts for everybody, whether you have a high fitness level or you can only walk one or two kilometres.

We also arrange dog sled hunts in October, and helicopter hunts where we fly out into the middle of the best hunting areas.

We have a 100% success rate on musk ox hunts in winter, and a 100% success rate on caribou hunts in the summer/autumn.

Giving you a great and simultaneously safe experience is our main focus.



C/O Erik Lomholt-Bek Boks 29
3910 Kangerlussuaq

Phone: +299 522514


Is primarily for musk-ox, since the caribou have no antlers in winter. Small game hunt for arctic fox, snowhare, ptharmigans and raven is included, and also icefishing on the fjord for cod.

Camp is a big cabin with woodstove, 4 sleepingrooms, kitchen and livingroom. Comfortable and warm.
We use snowmobile and ATV for transport of hunters and animals. We stop about 1 km from the animals and stalk from there. So it’s a hunt for everybody, little walking, and you don’t have to carry anything.


Is for both caribou and musk-ox. Small game hunt for arctic fox, snowhare, raven, and from 1 different sept birds is included. Arctic char fishing at one of our camps is included, and we can arrange arctic char fishing in a lake after the hunt.
We have two concession areas we use in summer and autumn, each with its unique possibilities. Camps there are big stationary tents and/or mobile cabins.

All autumn hunts are done on foot, so you must be able to walk 5-10 km I day, depending on what of our hunts you book.

In july-sept hunters have to help carry meat and trophy, in October we use dogsledge to transport all meat and trophy.

All hunts can be done as helicopterhunts, where we fly out to a fantastic area where we usually can see animals from camp. A good option if you don’t fell like walking alot. We put op tentcamp where we fly to, location can change because we tjek out the area before hunt, so we get to the best possible spot.