Inussuit Lodge is located 20 minutes by boat from Maniitsoq, which is known for its authentic Greenlandic way of life.

The lodge is situated in the most beautiful surroundings; between large mountains and surrounded by a fjord, where many whales pass by during the summer period.

We offer accommodation and meals all year round as well as opportunities for fly fishing, stays for heli-ski tourists, boat trips, hiking, cultural excursions to Maniitsoq town, and kayaking and paddleboarding in the most unique blue lake called Inussuit Tasersuat.

We are a young couple who have been given the opportunity to create unique experiences for guests who wish to visit and experience Greenland.


We speak English, Greenlandic and Danish.

Operating Months


Contact information

Imeqarfik 20
3912 Maniitsoq


+299 235595

Inussuit Lodge is located in a unique area close to Maniitsoq, where beautiful mountains, deep fjords, and a rich wildlife provide unforgettable experiences and a sense of peace and harmony. We care deeply about protecting and respecting the nature we live in, live off, and live with.

Our cabin offers accommodation and meals all year round. This means there is the opportunity to experience each of Greenland’s unique seasons: Our summers are characterized by the rich marine life with fish, whales, and other sea creatures. Our autumns are filled with juicy crowberries and the scent of the many plants that grow on the wild mountains. Our winters offer the most beautiful and soft mountains that invite skiing and snowball fights. Our springs feature a beautiful and strong light that brings warmth and the desire to ski alpine, cross-country, and hike with snowshoes.

The lodge has four rooms and a loft with space for a total of 12 people. Additionally, there is a large common room with a dining table, living room, and kitchen. Around the lodge is a large terrace, where the morning coffee can be enjoyed in the beautiful surroundings.

We look forward to welcoming you to Inussuit Lodge!