Capital Region

Greenland’s capital, Nuuk, is an Arctic metropolis with a small town feel, shaped by nature and known for its cultural diversity. As a city break in Greenland it mixes shopping, whale watching, skiing, and fine dining into a cosmopolitan experience with a backcountry twist where innovative, adaptive people, and trendsetting artists meet office workers, fishermen and hunters. Organic Greenlandic ingredients meet Thai spices in gourmet restaurants and cozy takeaway stores in Nuuk. Legends and traditions are reinterpreted by local artists, musicians, and designers.

Politicians lay the groundwork for the building of a new and independent nation. And icons like the Northern Lights-inspired Katuaq Cultural Center serve as a reminder of the nature that is an ever-present part of life in Greenland.

While Nuuk is the colourful heart of this nation, the smaller communities of Paamiut south of the capital and Kapisillit in the Nuuk Fiord are places to kick back and spend time in the outdoors, either en route with the coastal ferry Sarfaq Ittuk or on a weekend holiday.