Children bedtime stories from Greenland

An Interview with illustrator Daniel Frost on The Children and the Whale

In his illustrated book about Greenland, ‘The Children and the Whale’ published by Little Gestalten, award-winning illustrator Daniel Frost takes you on a magical journey around the Arctic Circle in Greenland. The ideal bedtime story and children’s book about Greenland for adventure-seeking explorers! Read Visit Greenland’s interview with illustrator Daniel Frost here and learn more about what inspired his illustrations and his adventure tales from Greenland.

When did you visit Greenland?

I was in Greenland in October 2016 for two weeks. A friend of mine was visiting his uncle in Nuuk and asked if I wanted to join him. I have always been interested in the Arctic and the polar regions, so when he asked I jumped at the chance. I feel very lucky to have seen this part of the world.

Which destinations did you visit?

I stayed mainly in the Capital Nuuk, but took boat trips to Kapisillit and Qoornoq. The trips by boat were amazing, being in this small boat chugging along the coastline, you really got a sense of the immensity of the landscape.

What’s your favourite memory of Greenland and why?

I have many favourite memories of my time in Greenland. The first night, I saw the Northern Lights – it was wondrous. Watching this luminous green mist snaking its way across the sky was something I will always remember.

Another was when we took a small hike in Nuuk.
I’m not sure if we walked to a particularly high point. But the view and the atmosphere at the top was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. The stillness and vastness of the landscape was breathtaking. As we had began our walk quite early the fog had not yet lifted, so it gave the view a very other-worldly feel, it was really magical.

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Blue Ice Explorer

Towns & settlements 8 days

Explore the 2 towns of Narsaq and Qaqortoq together with the delightful calmness, warmth and undisturbed paradise of the village of Igaliku.

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Whale Safari

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Tasermiut Expeditions: Hiking and Kayaking Adventure

Tasermiut Expeditions

Hiking and Kayaking Adventure

8 days trip, kayaking and on foot: complete contact with nature, kayaking and hiking activities, discover Viking ruins in South Greenland.

What would you like to explore more of in Greenland?

I would really love to explore the more Northern parts of Greenland, to see the towns of Ilulissat and Qaanaaq would be incredible. I would especially love to see these during the summer months to witness the midnight sun. I have also just taken up kayaking, which I think would be truly amazing to do around the coastlines of Northern GreenlandSeeing some of the landscapes and giant icebergs from this viewpoint would be a dream come true. 

Which places in the world, besides Greenland, inspire you? 

Besides Greenland, I think I would like to travel back to Japan. I have been there a few times, but always find it inspiring. I would love to see the Northern Parts of Japan, especially Hokkaido in winter. 

How did your trip to Greenland inspire the book and drawings?

I always paint and draw when I travel. It’s a way for me to remember certain moments of the trip, but also as a way to relax and let my mind wonder. Greenland was like no where I had ever been before. The landscape was so mysterious and otherworldly. So I got really fascinated trying to capture this atmosphere in my paintings. After a while I started to see links between the paintings and thought that it would be great to see if I could develop a story that would capture the sense of wonderment and beauty that I got from my trip to Greenland. 

Have you drawn more in Gouache style since?
If so, what? 

I have actually been working on another book in Gouache since Children and the Whale, it’s a Western called the Mini Cowboy (published by L’ecole des loisirs) and it builds on a lot of the techniques I learnt while making the Children and the Whale. The more and more I work with Gouache the more I learn about its possibilities. It’s a very intuitive material to use and the results are amazing.

Daniel Frost is a British Illustrator and Author currently living and working in Copenhagen. A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Daniel has been an Illustrator for 10 years and has worked with a wide range of clients, including Nike, New York Times and Transport for London. Alongside his commercial work he has also published picture books with some of the most renowned publishers, including Penguin, L’ecole des loisirs and Gestalten. With simple and playful imagery both in composition and colour, Daniel draws inspiration from the quirkiness of everyday life which he uses to create imaginary characters and universes.