Helicopter flying in Greenland

One man’s transport is another man’s aerial adventure


Chop, chop, chop, CHOP, CHOP. The thumping pulse of a helicopter somewhere in the Arctic heavens is heard long before its source reveals itself. But then, a tiny dot on the horizon materializes into a small red bumblebee dwarfed against the surrounding mountains. Just a few minutes later, an Air Greenland helicopter is suddenly overhead and ready for graceful landing.

This is a familiar and comforting experience in Greenland because it means that transport throughout our vast country is running according to schedule, and that Greenlanders and Greenland Pioneers alike are reaching their destinations.

"When I look down at the water, the feeling is so strong that I could cry! Because you cannot explain how immense the nature is in Greenland with pictures. It is just so beautiful!”
- Globetrotter

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