What to pack for a vacation in Greenland

So there’s only a few days to your first trip to Greenland, but what do you pack and why?

So there are only a few days to go, before your first trip to Greenland, but what do you pack and why? Well, it depends who you are, where you are going and for how long, of course, but here’s a general list with suggestions for some of the most fundamental kinds of clothing to keep you warm and comfortable.


Footwear is of the utmost importance in Greenland.

It must be comfortable yet supportive, as it is what protects your feet – your greatest asset – and will keep you going all day long.

For a summer trip to Greenland, two pairs of shoes/boots should do, plus several pairs of breathable, lightweight woolen socks.

“Active footwear”, like hiking boots, works for all sorts of activities from sailing to hiking.

The best active footwear provides support for ankles, is waterproof or water-resistant and is slip-resistant (has a sole with good traction) which is good for both rocky terrain and wet boat decks. You might also want to wear your new footwear in, as breaking in brand new shoes and getting blisters on the first day won’t make you a happy camper.

“Comfort footwear”, like supportive sneakers/running shoes, is a nice alternative to have for taking easy walks in town, as well as for relaxing in the evenings.

Here’s a general and suggestive list.

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