Best thing to do in the summer in Nuuk: The fjords

Close your eyes and breathe in. Deeply. A fresh wind gently blows in your direction.

It is a little crisp and cold, a welcome complement to the harsh Arctic sun that laps warmly on your skin. With the wind, the scents of summer awakens your senses. Wildflowers and herbs, rich in orange, yellow, purple and green tones paint the landscape. Life is blooming in Greenland.


When the snow starts to melt, those of us living in Greenland start to anticipate the intense Arctic summer.

The locals cannot wait to sail into the fjords and spend time away from everyday life. Many Greenlandic families have their own traditional spaces for hunting and gathering; it is time for relaxing, being with friends and loved ones.

It is time for hunting and fishing. For foraging for berries, herbs and mushrooms that will last all winter. It is time to enjoy the simplicities of life.

Life is blooming in Greenland.

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