The Foodie Guide to Greenland

Although Greenland is justifiably an attraction for its landscape and unique culture, those who seek fulfilment of the culinary variety won’t be disappointed.

I visited Greenland to experience an Arctic spring, sail between the icebergs in Ilulissat, bounce along the waves in Nuuk harbour, and discover Greenlandic culture and history – but when I encourage people to visit the country (as I find myself doing frequently), it’s often the food I highlight.

As visitors increasingly want to enjoy “authentic” experiences and the interest in farm-to-plate (which would be more appropriately called ocean-to-plate in Greenland) offerings only grows, restaurants in the capital and elsewhere have responded by incorporating local Greenlandic ingredients into modern, internationally-inspired dishes.

This is a nation where food preparation from scratch still permeates everyday life (who can afford all that imported frozen pizza anyway?). Almost everyone has a favourite cooking method for reindeer, knows how to salt their own fish, and boil their own jam

"When I encourage people to visit the country, it’s the food I highlight."

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